Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) V- Muslim Fashion

malaysian islamic fashion
JAKARTA return to host the Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) V. The Muslim clothes that are first in 2006 to visit Jakarta for a second time. Party mode Marina Park will be held for two days in succession at the Dharmawangsa Hotel ballroom in the 22-23 July 2008.

Like other fashion parade, IFF V will also bring the row of famous designers. Start a senior designer to start their new debutnya in the Muslim world of clothing design.
They will be explored at this time IFF V is fadi, Sebastian Gunawan, Itang Yunanz, Moses Widyatmodjo, also of the young designers such as Adesagi Andy Saleh, Syahreza Muslim, Barli Asmara, Fara & Claudia, Defrico Audy, also Meeta Fawzan.

Meanwhile, Malaysia will be represented Dato’Tom Abang JenMo, Datin Syarifah Kirana, Albert King, Iszal, Calvin Thoo, and On Bestari, which will display a collection clothes swimming for some. IFF V also creative design students ESMOD Jakarta, and special presentations Merdi Sihombing that work with Crystallized-Swarovski Elements.


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