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Four Months AzkA Catalogue- Muslim Fashion

Alhamdulillah, I also finally finished editing Catalog AzkA for the last quarter of this year. In this new catalog AzkA the best choice of clothing products for customers in 2007. Favorite products from our catalog quarter 1 to quarter 3 now comes back to the lover AzkA clothing.

See the way we are optimistic these products will remain “eternal” in the market even penetrated to the entire archipelago is not even close the possibility of a product “global”, insyaallah. This is because the AzkA not only clothes but also the ordinary Muslim clothing that is thick with typical ethnic Indonesia. And this has been our own buktikan at the time of the peak-peak demand season in the wordiness yesterday. And even after the wordiness is when products are usually Muslim clothing down its demand, but in fact the product of customer interest AzkA fixed HIGH, alhamdulillah:)
Muslim Fashion, Busana Muslim, Kebaya Muslim


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